ShowPhotos are the experts in Dance, Drama, Musical and Performance Stage Photography.

What we do.....

  • Provide free coverage of your show.
  • Show images are yours to keep and use for advertising and social media.  We can even drop your logo onto social media images.
  • We know how theatre works,  we work unobtrusively.  After we have shot everyone's portrait we shoot the show and blend into the background.
  • We do "Cheery" not "Grumpy"....  we love our work and are grateful to work for you!
  • All our teams are trained in Professional Stage Photography.
  • We print on site, almost immediately.  We only use the best equipment and products.
  • We offer photo packages and deals on the day.
  • We are dedicated to making our customers happy.
  • Our online shop is fully password protected.  We never disclose the password to anyone but your staff.  You know friend from foe.
  • Online orders are fulfilled by one of Great Britain's top Professional Labs.


Call Sunny for more information 07976 931621 or use our contact page to email.